20+ players expected for the 21st. That means an audition is in order.

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20+ players expected for the 21st. That means an audition is in order.

Post  Mr Speaks on Fri Mar 06, 2009 7:22 am

Alright, not even two games and I've already hit a point I didn't think would happen period.

We have over 20 players. And if it stays that way, I'm going to need help. I need another ST.

I don't want to call Derek or Mouse into this, they already ST'd this game before I picked it up, I wanna let them play. So here comes the deal. I need to audition. I've given out an offer or two, which have been graciously declined for this current moment. So I need people to step up.

Here's the specs, as an ST you will be privvy to everything in the plot, you will know everything I have planned and will suplement those plans, make new plans, and carry out plans. You will control your own plots, and NPC's.

You will be allowed one ST character to play, with no limits on how it is built. (my ST char was/is Speaks, he was built originally as a 160 point character at rank 4) And you will be allowed to keep your player character, but your actions in game will no longer be considered in exp, you will get an amount equal to the average of the groups exp totals.

This being said, I also need one more thing. Aaron has offered to be my willpower narrator. Meaning he knows your natures and demeanors and he watches your actions. He decides when you have acted out your N/D sufficiently to gain willpower back.

Well, 20 is too many people to watch at once. So I need one more willpower narrator. You will have 10 people who's N/D you will know, it will be your responcibility to watch them and check up on them.

Please PM me for ST related subjects. And please respond here for narrator subjects. Thank you.
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