Parlaiment! - Feb 20, 2008

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Parlaiment! - Feb 20, 2008

Post  Mouse on Tue Feb 17, 2009 3:45 pm

In a tree somewhere...

Rhia landed about halfway up the tree, ruffling her feathers and settling her talons into the hard wood of the oak she had landed in. Already there were dozens and dozens of ravens, squawking and stretching their wings.

The young girl looked up, noting that one of the Volucris had yet to arrive. Everyone had noticed it actually, and the squawking and hushed down to light squeaks.

<<Yes!>> the raven at the top of the tree screeched at the top of his birdy lungs. <<Martin /is/ missing! A search party has been sent out for him! Meanwhile, we are starting this parlaiment with a report from our liason to the dogs.>> The raven, obviously the oldest one there, turned its beady eyes to Rhia.

Rhia leaned down for a moment to preen a wing feather before speaking. <<The sept is growing, slowly but steadily. We have many new members there, mostly Cliath rank...which is our Oviculus.>> She pauses, looking around for a minute. <<The Fera are slowly starting to come out of the cracks to join them. We have two kitties, one older, and the other just barely a hatchling. There is also a rat running around, who comes and goes like her tail is on fire.>>

<<You tell their alpha that we are here if he needs eyes from above. Anything else of interest, Flaming Pigskin?>> the elder asked, and once again a wave of snickers ran through the tree.

Rhia glowered. <<Two things actually. There are a bunch of name-breakers running around, killing Garou and skinning them. I did some digging, and found out that they are doing the skinnings for something called the Rite of Sacred Rebirth, which will turn someone into a werewolf.>>

<<I see...>> the elder said, lifting one taloned foot, and then the other. <<And the other thing?>>

<<I...>> Rhia paused, looking around. <<I wish to petition for a new ritename.>>

The elder eyes her, along with every other raven in the tree. <<And what makes you think you deserve a new name?>> one of the Volucris cawed at her.

<<I have had the same ritename since I was a hatchling. And for the obvious reason that everyone time it is said, no one takes me seriously. I am an Ales now, and deserve a little more respect.>>

The elder looked at her carefully. <<I think I have just the name for you.>>

Rhia looked up at her elder. <<What?>>

The elder stretched his wings and flapped down to Rhia's branch. Working his way over to her, he stretched a wing over her.

<<My fellow Corax! Little Rhia here is the youngest Ales our people have ever seen. I have to agree with her, I think it's time for a naming!>>

The other Corax flapped excitedly. It was a happy day when a Corax got their new name.

<<From this day forward, may this Corax be known as Rhia "Phoenixfire" McGraven. For her heart and her spirit and her resolve burn as brightly as her feathers when touched by Helios.>>

The tree exploded with caws. <<Welcome Phoenixfire! Welcome Phoenixfire!>> they repeated.

Eventually they calmed down, and the elder returned to his spot on the tallest branch. <<Now, who has a story to tell?>>

"I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are." - Mewtwo

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