So Stereotypes of the Tribes.

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So Stereotypes of the Tribes.

Post  Mr Speaks on Mon May 11, 2009 8:32 pm

Not Wolfman's stereotypes, but the ones in response to his.

Black Furies: Feminist werewolves that can fight well and hate men. Especially the Get of Fenris.

Absolutly not. While some of them do infact fall into the stereotype of "Man Hating Harry Armpit Combat Boot Wearing Bull Dikes", the tribe is not that. They belive in the empowerment of Woman not the hatred of Man. And they have no more hatred for the Get of Fenris Tribe itself (While I cannot say the same about all the men of that tribe) they actually get along excellently with the woman of that tribe, as the Gets do not "Put Woman in a Secondary Roll", the woman of that tribe have to be every bit the Warrior as the men do.

Bone Gnawers: Werewolf bums who live in the city and don't seem that special.

Willingly Homeless, they live in the city at the opposite end of the spectrum of the Glass Walkers. They see the city from the street level instead of from the outside. Not much I can say about them other than that.

Children of Gaia: Peace freaks who don't fight and what all Werewolves to work together.

The Garou who wish to make amends with the other Fera for the War of Rage. They do still in fact fight and do so as well as any other Garou. I can't tell alot about this tribe as I haven't played one yet

Fianna: Irish Werewolves. They like to drink. The picture of Fianna in the core book looks freaking weak.

The Fianna are Garou who do whatever they do, with passion. They don't drink to drink, they drink to celebrate. They don't sing to sing, they sing to celebrate life and morn the passing of a friend. They don't fight just cause theirs a fight. They Fight with Passion. They're a good example of "If your gonna do something, don't do it half assed. Put your all into it"

Get of Fenris- Best of the best when it comes to violence.

Garou who are honorable and they fight for Glory. Best I can say is picture a Viking/Valkery and you'll have the Garou Mentality. The worst way for them to die, is in their bed.

Red Talons- Hate humans and will kill them on sight if they go to the words. I also hear they're good scouts.

They are the Garou who hate humanity. They blame man (Rightfully) for the excess of Weaver all over, destroying the wyld in the name of "Progress", they won't outright kill a human. But should a human wander too far into the wilds and the Talons belive they can get away from it, some Missing Persons posters will be going up.

Shadow Lords- Untrustworthy and love power in all forms. They're aiming to take the Silver Fangs spot as leader.

Yes, they crave power and they'll stab you in the back to get it. But in their view, if you were not strong enough or aware enough to see that trechery, than you do not deserve the position that you have, as the Wyrm will attempt such trechery, and they will probebly do it better.

Silent Striders- Umm....messengers. This is why I played a horrible Strider.

They are kinda hard to describe *L* They are messangers and travlers by dint of their curse that the Settites laid on them which is that they cannot return to their homeland of Egypt, nor can their ancestors communicate with them. They travel becaue they feel forever restless having no "Homeland" to call theirs. They also have some ability to deal with the spirits of the dead and are able to step into the Dark Umbra (The land of the Dead).

Silver Fangs- Paladins of the werewolves. Leaders of the Garou and all deranged due to inbreeding.

They are the Nobles of the Garou Nation, leaders by birth in the begining but due to inbreeding they have become crazy to verying degrees. Some are the "Paladin" type, and lead those Garou that they lead, by example, leading them into battle from the front. But others are very much the old Noble who give orders to march other to their death in the name of Gaia.

Wendigo- Native american werewolves who will kill you if you trespass

Native American Garou yes, and very proud of their heritige. They are also more hesitant to work with Non-Wendigo/Uktena but will do so. They still have very little love for any of the Europian Tribes.

Uktena- Native American werewolves who practice magic and are more peaceful

They're no more or less peaceful than any other tribe, there just the one of the two remaining "Pure Tribes" that have become more accomidating to the Wyrm Commers (europians and their tribes). They focus on understanding & containing Wyrm Creatures and have access to Hedge Magic.

StarGazers- Martial Artist Werewolves.

Sort of, the Martial Arts comes from their desire to find "The Center Way", they belive that to little of something is just as bad as to much of it. Their Martial Arts is a way for them to focus their rage so that they can attempt to avoid a frenzy and focus their violance in the correct direction. They are one of the few tribes that actually don't see the Wyrm as the Villan but the Victim, they still fight it in the way that a doctor will cure the simptoms of a Disese before they attempt to actually cure the Disease itself (Which to them is the Weaver).

And since you forgot them on the list. Glass Walkers are a Tribe who have embraced the City, they don't belive that the Weaver is the Enemy, and defend it. They do have every bit of hatred towards the Wyrm as most Garou do. They are more capable of speaking with City Spirits and they are capable of creating Techno-Fetishes.

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