A Little Crazy Never Hurt Anyone - May 11 - Outside Cafe 360

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A Little Crazy Never Hurt Anyone - May 11 - Outside Cafe 360

Post  Mouse on Mon May 11, 2009 3:46 pm

She didn't seem to care at all that everyone was staring at the cape flapping behind her in the late spring breeze. Nor did she seem to care that people were working very carefully to walk around her, some even going as far as crossing the street so as not to be near her. No, these were all things that this Ratkin had grown used to. Besides, Chitter was far too busy staring at the artwork that adorned this strange and beautiful place known as Cafe 360.

She approached the restaurant slowly, as if she was afraid it would disappear if she rushed the door inside. She stopped outside the door, letting her eyes peek through the glass at the various people, sitting and eating and drinking and smoking their hookahs. She slowly slid in and looked around her. No one stared. No one ran away...at least not as many as normally did. This was her new place. This was hers.

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