Visiting the alternate identity - March 12th - Devon's House

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Visiting the alternate identity - March 12th - Devon's House

Post  DerekCase on Sun Mar 15, 2009 5:25 pm

Devon's shoulder's slumped as he stepped into his little two bedroom apartment. He'd always planned to have a kinfolk live here with him someday, but he just couldn't relate to the glasswalker kin. Now the whole place just felt empty. It was sparsely furnished. A speed bag and a heavy bag hung from the living room ceiling. There was no couch or tv, no wall hangings or rugs. There were only the nonessentials the humans thought necessary. Ignoring his workout equipment, he quickly climbed the stairs to his room to take a seat on his bed. As he sat, he stared at the bare wall before him. This wasn't his life, wasn't his home, he thought to himself. His home was in cherokee park, sitting outside the fire with skiri crawling on his shoulder. This empty shell of a building meant nothing, held no life. He laid out on the bed, moving his attention to the textured ceiling. He tried to imagine himself coming home to a family after a battle, tried to imagine he was risking something, anything out there in the umbra or in the wyrm's den. He couldn't. The feeling escaped him. Instead, there was this, an empty house in an empty, corrupted city. He fell asleep there, thinking about it, feeling nothing.

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