Fast play rules

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Fast play rules

Post  Mr Speaks on Sun Mar 08, 2009 8:35 am

First, if you have available dots in the ability being used and have at least 50% more then the difficulty traits. Say if the difficulty is 6 and you have 9. Then as long as there is no stress, you can perform said task without a test.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Shifting
  • Stepping sideways (not gonna happen)
  • Activating gifts
  • General ability challenges

If you can overbid the challenge, and have at least two dots in the nessecary ability, then you can bypass a test even in moments of stress. (this is to allow NPC's to do things when nessecary without the standard MET 1/3-1/6 failure rate, and to maintain dramatic effect, player character should only be capable of this when undertaking the most simple of tasks) This ruling does not count to any physical challenge except raw strength or stamina while in Crinos. This ruling is not an excuse to assume Crinos so that you can overbid your drive challenge, or your throwing check, etc. etc. If you can't overbid and supercede it in Homid, then you can't in Crinos, I don't care.

These rulings never apply in contest challenges, or in any challenge where any player or narrator or ST veto's the use.

These rulings can be challenged and/or veto'd by any player who feels that us of these shortcut's is either unfair, or unjust. With final say in the the available ST's hands.

The rulings are subject to spur of the moment change, do not be angered if I tell you it doesn't apply, this is house ruling and thus the house can remove it a any time.
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