Session 1.3 cast, Renown, exp, summary.

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Session 1.3 cast, Renown, exp, summary.

Post  Mr Speaks on Mon Mar 02, 2009 1:03 pm

Cast of Characters

Carry "Speaks to Stars" - Mouse
James "Longtail" - Aaron Mackison
Bete Orasmyn - Tamara Mackison
Edith "Fist-Hammer" - Courtney Miranda
Edward Orvar - Derek Coomer
Eli "With an Axe" - Chase Browning
Speaks of Mist - Chase Browning
Micheal Douglas - Chase Browning


Carry 2g -2g -4h -2w 5h 5w
James -2g -4h -2w 2g -2w 1g 2h 5h
Bete 2g 3h -2h -1w
Edith 2g 1g 2h 2h -1w -2h -1w
Edward 2g 2h -2h -1w
Eli 1g 2h -2h -1w

Carry 0g 1h 3w
James 1g 3h -4w
Bete 2 ferocity(glory) 1h -1 cleverness(wisdom)
Edith 3g 2h -2w
Edward 2g 0h -1w
Eli 1g 0h -1w


2 everyone


Yea..... I finished it...... then firefox killed 1 exp to whoever writes it?
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