James McAdams, Long-Tail

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James McAdams, Long-Tail

Post  James on Fri Feb 27, 2009 11:54 pm

James Mcadams
Rite name:Long-tail
Metis Fianna
Galliard rank 2


Appearance traits: As player except-
Missing is right eye which appears to have been clawed out and then cautrized
3rd eye on forhead has no eye lid and is a dead blue. It doesn't always follow his left eye
4 foot long tail which is hairless, if studied it shows scaring of being gloved (I.E. Fur and skin yanked off)
Fianna tattoo on left pectoral
Friendly Face
Enchanting voice
Charisma 3x magnetic 1x

Known BG: James was a metis born to two pure breed Fianna in a secert love trist. Both parents were killed by their pack for their actions, but james was spared and raised by his older sister. James as most metis was treated harshly by every one that is except for his sister who raised him. She veiwed him as another arm to help in the fight and that he didn't choose to be born. Due to this he learned to pity those who hated him and became compassionate though properly tempered with rage when needed.

Later down the road he joined up with the rest of the members of the bear pack and came to Louisville with them. They ran a Red wolf breeding/reserve in lower Indiana and did many things to aid Lupus as the pack was mostly lupus except for their Philox and Jame's older sister. During their time there they incured the wrath of the sept beta and James and his pack was banned from gaining rank as well as treated harshly by the beta including Jame's right name being changed from Speaks-with-the-passed to Long-tail

As things fell apart in Louisville the Bear pack pulled back from the septs seeing it's fall comming and procided to try and protect what they could. Shortly after their home was attacked all of the bear pack Garou were skined alive, except for the philodx Utana and James's older sister and james.

Currently james believes they are dead and that the fall of the sept and pack was due to the local Garou forgetting and not following the ways. This has made him much harsher about duty even though he still his very compassionate. So frequently he chews out people for not following the Traditions out of a belief that them following it as it's suppost to be will stop them from dieing and that all the issues of the Garou are from the garou forgetting their place and traditions.

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