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Forum guildlines / MET translation to forums

Post  Mr Speaks on Mon Feb 16, 2009 1:52 pm

First and foremost, a big problem that I've seen happen a lot.

Except in long extravagant talking and actions. All posts are treated as one turn. All turn limitation apply. No spending Gnosis and Rage in the same post. Only one action in a post, unless you take the time to explain the waiting between actions and this time is available. And only one gift activated per post.

All of this is conditional based on how your posting. Please keep interactions fair.

If you do anything that would involve a challenge, we developed a system to handle that. Once the challenge is announced, the challenger picks rock, paper, or scissors and posts it along with the challenge. The defender then takes a d6, and rolls it. 1&4 = rock 2&5 = paper 3&6 = scissors. They post who won the challenge. This is a trust system, please honor that, so that we don't have to switch to a system that involves pm-ing your choice to me or a chosen narrator, who then adjudicates the challenge.

more to come once I think of it.
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