Next game time, in game that is.

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Next game time, in game that is.

Post  Mr Speaks on Mon Feb 16, 2009 1:54 am

Alright, the next game date is not determined, instead it will fall shortly after the last day psoted on this forum. It could be still in feb, or in march.

This is to try and get forum activity to be high and stay high.

There is a forum event set in stone though. The next Philodox moon, prolly the third or fourth week of Feb, will be a Moot, everyone will need to be there. If everyone can't, then I will attempt to hold a mini-session that will last maybe an hour or two one day in the next few weeks.

A moot is where the Garou tell stories of their accomplishments and their Renown in an attempt to gain more. Those of you that have higher then 10 temp renown, can have it turned to permanent. Several of you have higher then 10 temp glory, and this moot will be the oppurtunity for it to be turned into permanent, and thus count towards your gaining rank.
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