Talking with the forefathers - 2/16/09 Umbra

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Talking with the forefathers - 2/16/09 Umbra

Post  Mr Speaks on Mon Feb 16, 2009 1:47 am

Eli sits in the Heart of the Iroquis park Caern. The Hearts seems empty, devoid of other spirits, though the strength of the Caern still seems true.

A dark grey and black massive wolf sits at his side, also seeming to concetrate on whatever Eli is.

From the Heart another man appears, wispy, and faded. A tall man, muscular and of blonde hair.

The man steps forward, "Hello Grandson," he says addressing the wolf.

He looks to Eli, "You are my Grandson too, of many generations."

Eli open his eyes and nods, "I am your Great-great-great-grandson, my name is Eli "With an Axe", Ahroun Fostern."

The man nods appreciatively, "Why am I here in this form?"

Eli stands as does the wolf beside him, "This, the Iroquis park Caern, seems to be an Ancestors Caern. It has no Totem, instead the Ancestors of those bound to it are allowed to watch over the Caern."
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