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The Deeper Dark - louisville proper

Post  Vash on Wed May 15, 2013 5:08 am

"Everything is well I assume?" Scarlet asked the darkness, the howl of the wind answering him with a low howl. "As always." He said to himself, his head ticking just slightly as he went to sit down on the edge of the cliff.

Scarlet sat alone in the darkness, this place his own little retreat from the world where he would mull over his thoughts. "I may yet bring a bit of light to this place it seems." He said thinking about his once again Sept mates, as well as the old ones returned. The old and the new, both seemed just as hopeless as always. But they seemed to pull themselves together at the end. Even Devon joined a pack. "But not without you tainting it." The darkness whispered back, it's voice a low accusing hiss. "You taint every thing..." It said, this time it's voice almost a tangible force as it spiraled up from the pit. "Maybe..." Scarlet agreed as one clawed hand caressed the face that was just out of sight but felt the curves of it's beautiful face under the tactile senses of his finger tips. "But it matters not. I will taint so much more before I am done." He said his face full of whist a more than a bit of grim determination. "And they call me monster, I say it's you who is the monster, madman, traitor and more, Scarlet, it is you who will reign in the apocalypse, and not that accursed star or the likes of my ilk. "Maybe..." He nods once again. "But how could I not? How could I run from my fate, after you so kindly showed me the way." He said turning to face the creature just out of sight. "And how I curse that day that you came, the answers you found, the madness you took from me, you should of died, forever lost like those that came before and are yet to come. But you live on, a testament of madness and dishonor." The darkness said, it's voice harsh and angry. "Stand in the ashes of a trillion dead souls, and ask if honor matters. Their silence will be your answer." He responded. "Did you just quote..." The darkness started. "Yep." He answered back quickly. "Besides if I break enough of this world, perhaps the rules can change." Scarlet says once again to the darkness. "You know you'll never pull it off. One man is just that. One man." The darkness snaps, it's voice filled with spite. "One man in the wrong place can make all the difference. And you wouldn't try to dissuade me if you thought there was no chance of it." He says. "You're mad." The darkness says again. "Aye, and like him I do the only thing I can, the only thing I know how to do." He says as he smiles faintly before leaving the darkness.

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