Session 0.5 Renown, exp, rules clarification, and summary

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Session 0.5 Renown, exp, rules clarification, and summary

Post  Mr Speaks on Sun Feb 08, 2009 9:05 pm

Devon - 8 glory, -3 Wisdom
Edith - 9 glory, -1 Wisdom
Speaks - 9 glory
Edward - 9 glory
Tarynn - 9 glory, -1 Wisdom

2 exp for everyone, 1 base, 1 bonus for great rp.

Critical rules Clarifications

  • Rage healing is a Rage challenge against 8 traits. You pop back up with 1 health level and in berserk frenzy. Only usable once per scene.

  • Mutliple retests are available in a single challenge, but they must come from different sources. Different retests are still the same challenge. Just because we are testing a second time, does not I'm not still challenging you, etc.

  • Shift diffculties are 6 traits for Homid, Crinos, and Lupus. And 7 for Glabro and Hispo. The challenge to shift is a static Physical challenge, that can be retested with Primal urge

  • After Beserk Frenzy you generally lose the memory of what happened during the frenzy, and normally fall down and pass out.

  • The difficulty for a Frenzy challenge is the characters permanent Rage, the challenge is a willpower challenge.

  • A Rage challenge's difficult is variable on the stage of the moon:

    New moon - 8
    Crescent - 7
    Half - 6
    Gibbeous - 5
    Full - 4

    A -1 is added to the diffculty if the Garou is under the auspice of that moon, or if the Garou is in Crinos. This is not cumulative. In most circumstances a success on a Rage challenge is bad, but in some, such as Rage-healing. It is very good.

  • Correction to my earlier ruling, the gauntlet in both Caerns is a 3. The rating lowers from 4 to 3 for a rank 3 Caern.

  • Stepping sideways, if successful, takes 5 minutes approx. to fully transition. The spending of one mental traits will lower this time to 30 seconds, two traits will make it instantaneous. One Garou may choose to "open the ways" for a whole group, thus being the only one to make the challenge.

Game 0.5 summary


Devon "Paces the Car" - Derek Case
Edward Orvar - Derek Coomer
Tarynn "Begs-the-Mischief" Surrat - Libby Weaver
Eli "With an Axe" - Chase Browning
Edith "Fisthammer" - Courtney Miranda
Speaks of Mist - Chase Browning

Eli and Devon exercise on park equipment at the Cherokee park Caern. Once again, failing to be perceptive, they complete miss newcomers. Edward approaches Eli and greets him, making him slip on the wet surface in surprise, and thus tumble down a staircase. Lucky for Edward, he is a quick talker and mentioned Speaks' call, allowing him to not be killed by Eli.

After the two new Bonegnawers introduce themselves, a third new member approaches. A Get of Fenris Ahroun named Edith. Edward insults her with some form of sex joke, and has his "manliness" suddenly crushed in her swift hand.

With introductions out of the way, the Garou leave to find their Alpha, and introduce themselves to him. Edward creeps him out a bit.

They continue to speak amongst themselves more, Edward continues to irritated Edith, being persuaded to continue by Tarynn. Until finally Edith frenzy's and attacks Edward. Devon being ever vigilant, intercedes Edith, and Speaks Calms her. Speaks let go of the reigns on his Rage, and shows the others that it is not difficult to control Rage.

Devon complains of boredom, so Speaks instructs him to take to new Cliath and go hunt the wyrm. Then decides at the last moment to come along.

The come across a warehouse in Portland, and a group of 3 vampires occupying it, feasting on a corpse.

Edith and Edward burst through the front, while Devon and a Blurred Tarynn go through the back. Speaks watches, not interfering.

After causing decent harm to the vampires and dispatching one, a resounding crash happens and a much larger vampire explodes from the back rooms, very very pissed.

This new vampire smashes Devon sending him flying from the room, and through a wall. Speaks at this point steps up and rage-shifts to Bjornen, then tackles the vampire boss and knocks back into the room he came from.

Devon returns and helps the other finish off the smaller vampires.

Speaks, being grappled by the bigger one, runs back into the main room and turns to Crinos, Devon attempts to help him, but is only slammed into the ceiling several times before falling to the ground barely conscious. Speaks the Rage-shifts back to Homid causing the bigger vampire to loss hold of him and fall off.

Devon is sent through the walls several more times, taking damage that should surely kill him. He only manages to cling on by the shear force of his Rage, and pulls himself back with a severly mangled shoulder.

Speaks attempts to stake the vampire, and the others attack relentlessly, with both Edith and Edward losing the beast before the end.

The vampire is brought down in the end by a kick fro ma frenzying Devon, who is then Calmed by Speaks. Speaks then puts a Rage charged boot through the vampire, quite verily exploding him into hundreds of ashey pieces.

They burn down the building and return to the Caern to rest.
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We pwn

Post  Kingrex on Wed Feb 11, 2009 11:26 pm

That is all.
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Post  Mr Speaks on Wed Feb 11, 2009 11:28 pm

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Re: Session 0.5 Renown, exp, rules clarification, and summary

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