The conclusion to the 4 year debate

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The conclusion to the 4 year debate

Post  Mr Speaks on Fri May 15, 2009 6:34 am

From Derek's house to IUS

"My" way - 11.998 miles (5 miles to the highway)

I-65 - 11.368 miles (2 miles to the highway)

"Derek's" way - 10.849 miles (but ridiculously confusing, not straight forward at all) ((2 miles to 65. 4.11 miles spent in new albany, not on brownstation))

You said your way was getting on the bypass and then getting off at like the first turn...... Looking at the map, I have nofucking clue what your talking about, the first turn is charlestown rd. To get to grant line, you have to go to 8th st. (in new albany) then follow it until it turns into grant line. Then drive the entire distance of grant line.

The result, almost insignificant. Driving at 60 on the two highways. My way is 6:30 seconds longer then, the I-65 way. 30 mph by non-highway, 60 mph by highway. Derek's is in the end longer, since about half the distance is spent on non-interstate, and thus reduced speed limit. Grant Line rd being an approx. 30 mph and brownstation way being an approx 45-50 mph (assuming that because of the frequent lights and stops. 10th st and grant line being 30 mph, and 8th st. Assuming no red lights.

Conclusion: I-65 is the shortest way from Derek's to IUS.

I-65 - ~13 min (2 miles/30mph - 4min, 9miles/60mph - 9min)

My way - ~17:30 min (5miles/30 - 10min, ~7miles/60 - 7min)

Derek's way - ~18-20 min (2miles/30 - 4min, 4miles/45-60[only .45 a mile is spent on I-65] - ~6min, ~4miles/30mph - ~8min)

All thanks to Google maps Distance Tracker.

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