Glossary of important terms. v0.4

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Glossary of important terms. v0.4

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  • Garou - The name that werewolves call themselves by. ex. The Garou Nation
  • Kinfolk - The relatives of the Garou, born with Garou blood in them, but are not Garou, and thus do no have their first change at puberty. Can be either wolf or human
  • Delirium - The deep root genetic psychological disorder that all of mankind shares, formed form the Impergium. The delirium causes, at the sight of a Crinos Garou and sometimes a Hispo Garou, for a human to go temporarily insane, normally running away in fear and almost alwasy forgetting the encounter completely. Only the strongest willed humans are not effect. Also supernaturals and supernatural-kin are not effected ex. Magi, Vampires, Kinfolk, etc.
  • Metis - Born of two Garou, an in-bred deformed and sterile breed, spit upon and hated for the sin that caused their birth.
  • Impergium - The first 2000 years of human development in which the changing breeds culled the human race to keep it from gaining anything.
  • Homid - The term for human form, or a Garou born in human form, to either a human and a Garou, or two kinfolk. Also sometimes used as a derogatory term ex. Dat boy fights like a homid!
  • Glabro - The near man form, the Garou gains about 200% weight and about 20-25% more height. Significantly hairier, but able to pass as human if careful.
  • Crinos - The birth form of Metis, also the War-form of the Garou. Standing 150% the Garou's Homid height and about 300% it's weight. Massive and furry, and straight out of the old werewolf movies. Just cooler looking. Causes the Delirium in humans, yes even little metis babies cause it, however cute and fuzzy they are.
  • Hispo - The Dire-wolf form, double to triple the size of the Garou's Lupus form.
  • Lupus - The term for a wolf-born Garou, also the name for it's wolf form.
  • Umbra - The spirit world.
  • Penumbra - The portion of the Umbra that reflects the Earth. Stepping sideways puts you here, only things of age are reflected here, usually needing to be at least 100 years old. Cities are reflected but tend to be covered in what looks like spider webs, with metallic spiders crawling on them.
  • The Near Umbra - The 13 realms right outside of the penumbra. (listed later)
  • The Deep Umbra - Outside of the membrane of the universe, only breechable through an Anchorhead. The area's beyond this are alien beyond all comprehension. No mortal and few enlightened minds can even come close to comprehending what lays beyond. The Triat lays past here, Luna also orbits through here.

Spirit lingo

  • Gaffling - The weakest form of a spirit, rarely sentient gafflings only live for their purpose, nothing more. Tend to serve the higher powered spirits.
  • Jaggling - A higher powered spirit. Mostly always sentient and has multiple purposes, if it has a set purpose at all. They make up the major population of the Umbra. They usually serve an Incarna.
  • Incarna - The top powered level of standard spirits, they represent an entire group when it comes to significance and power. The have immense power and sway over their realms and purviews. The totems of the 13 Tribes and other major totems are of this rank.
  • Celestine - The highest powered spirit. They are of god-like level, so immense in power that they rarely take on form in the Umbra, and are represented by Incarna resembling them. The have such immerse forms that they shows outside of the Umbra in the form of the planets. (see below)
  • Triat - The Wyld, The Weaver, and The Wyrm. Random creation, Ordered Construction, Corruption and Destruction. Nothing exists above them. Without them, nothing would exist below.

The Celestines

  • Luna - The moon, she is selfish, jealous, and childish.The changing breeds are her children, and she is a needy mother.
  • Gaia - The Earth, nurturing, beautiful, and powerful. Her strength is vast.
  • Helios - The Sun, lord of flame......and other stuff.....need to look at rage across the heavens.....

It's late I gotta work in the working. I'll finish this later. Feel free to add what you want, I'll stick it in here when I get back.
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