A character backstory for a mud, tell me what you think ^.^

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A character backstory for a mud, tell me what you think ^.^

Post  Mr Speaks on Thu Apr 09, 2009 11:27 pm

Naira was born Lupus and lived a short life under the watchful eyes of her mother. A proud strong wolf, high in the packs hierarchy and determine. Her mother wolf tended to her and her borthers carefully, teaching them the ways of the wolf as soon as they were old enough. Their father-wolf on the other hand was not a strong wolf, he fell behind frequently in the packs movements, he needed to be guided. He may have at time been the Omega but this was often uncertain.

Naira herself was curious, too curious for her own good, curious in a way she would later learn was a downfall of her own lineage. Often enough she would almost get herself killed, straying to far from her mother, or testing her own abilities beyond what she could handle. But as she grew this curiousity just turned into courage, bravery and daring. She ascended in the pack and became a strong hunter amongst her kin, getting to know her woods well.

Her pack normally avoided man well, keeping to the outsides of their territory and not testing their boundaries. Occasionally though man would wander into their land. Sometimes they would avoid the men until they left, others they would scare off the man, like a bear trying to settle where he shouldn't. But there were some man who they didn't scare off. Odd men, larger then the normal ones, more feral like a wolf. They would come and watch her pack. Sometimes they would come as wolf, but she knew them to be man, she knew as well as she knew she was wolf. When they'd come they would stand off with the Alpha and her Beta, Naira though never knew what they wanted but they would come, speak, and leave. All well until the day that she was no longer wolf, that day they came and spoke to her.

It was a hunt, a proud stag, they had him cornered but he fought hard. He kicked her kin away, and fought with his sharp antlers. She stood at his right, keeping him where they needed him. The bigger males attacked him from the front and behind. He would not go down though, instead this stag lowered it's head and caught one of her kin on it's antler. Impaled her kin thrashed, and lashed with his teeth. But died. After this death she took her opening and lept. Higher she soared above the Stag. As she flew she reached and grab it's neck pulling upwards. Rending it's throat with her claws she bit down on that back of it's head, tearing away flesh and bringing it down.

She stood beside her kill proud, but submissive waiting for her Alpha to come and take what was hers. But they never approached, they only stared. After moments the Alpha lower her head somberly and turn to walk off. Her kin following after. Naira was alone. She noticed then the leaves in the high up trees resting on her head, she noticed her large paws and her large claws. She notice her stand on her hind legs. She looked at her body, she stood like man, her tail still hung behind her but her neck was different her hung above her. Her stomach now was bared in front of her, undefended. Her chest had grown, fatty mounds now rested below her chin, an extra weight that off balanced her. And her nipples for feeding her cubs had gone, leaving only two on those mounds, covered by fur. She twisted around, her arms hung naturally at her side, bulging with muscle she didn't have.

She paniced, pacing back and forth she cried out to her mother, but no responce. She ran after her pack, unnaturally on two legs, not as fast. Her tail gave her balance but still she stumbled. She found none of her kin though. Under the falling moon she layed, in this horrid new shape she slept, cryign tears that she never had before.

She woke to the men, the wolf-men. They were in the shape. She was not, she was wolf again. She lept up in relief, and began to move to find her pack. Until they spoke, in a voice she had never heard but understand. Not like man, but not like wolf. They told her of herself, of who she was. They told her the wolves would not take her back. She was Garou now, and it was time to join her new people. Then they drug her away, and she whined for her life.

Later in her life she settled into her role as given to her by birth. She was Galliard, and rited Luna's Bright Tear. This was given when, for her Rite of Passage, she was told to be Galliard. And through story bring emotion to those trying to be emotionless. So she spoke of Luna, and how Luna watched her through the night of her first change, comforted her and held her allowing her to return to her breed form. Those who were emotionless cried soft tears at the story. And thus she was Rited.

Her sept was kind, they guided her and she played her role. Life was easy if still uncomfortable. Until the Alpha was challenged. A Silver Fang, from many forests over, thought her Alpha to be disorganized and weak. The Silver Fang challenged and succeeded, asserting his pure blood over the other Garou. The sept changed, rank was stronger, role and job more stronger demanded. So she pressed on, she tried harder to keep renown and earn more. Her deeds went far and she caught the eyes of her elders. And shortly into her 10th year she challenged for Fostern, and succeeded.

Proud she was to be higher amongst her brothers and sisters. She walked straighter, told more bold tales, not only tales of her kin's success, but also tales of their failures. She held her rank proudly.

Having grown older, the other members of her Sept began to take her out, they helped her change to Homid and taught her the ways of man. She learned many skills and learned how to talk to man. She was good at talking, and she learned through talking that she was appealing to the Homids. She used that to her advantage, dressing to use her form amongst the humans. And not dressing at all amongst her people, for they were too people who loved beauty, if not in the sexual manner of the humans. At least, most of them.

The Alpha took notice of her though. Of her beauty. He took notice that she held a form more beautiful then those of his kinfolk. He didn't like this. And he contemplated sending her off. But no, that way he could not have the beauty to himself. So instead he took her.

Subtley he brought her away, to talk to her, to give her orders. It was then that he asserted his dominance on her. Again and again throughout the first months of her new rank he took her away and used her for his pleasures. She remained terrofied, unwilling to defy her elder. That is until the third month her monthly ways did not come. And just as clearly as knowing that the moon was in the sky, she knew too that she held life within her. And with that knowledge, she paniced. And she fled, having felt she broke the Litany, she fled. As far south as she could go.

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