Bear sighting!!!!! March 25th

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Bear sighting!!!!! March 25th

Post  Mr Speaks on Thu Mar 26, 2009 6:19 pm

Those with Media Influence currently active, Glasswalkers, or those who have T.V.'s and actively watch them are privy to this news.

Parks no longer safe?

Park goers are warned to stay away from Cherokee Park, as over the past few weeks there have been several Black Bear sightings. Mostly sleeping this bear has been reported to be almost 150% larger then a normal Black Bear. Officials are confused as to how such an animal managed to get into the city unseen.

"As far as I can figure the bear was brought into the city young by someone who wished to own a pet, and then grew to a very large size by eating discarded food." Says native wildlife experts William Doutrieve.

Park goers are suggested to avoid Cherokee park until this bear can be found and removed, as black bears tend to lose their fear of human's. This bear can be a severally dangerous and the city warns all residents to the full extreme that they are able.

Bears beat Battlestar Galactica.

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