Alternate form traits

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Alternate form traits

Post  Mr Speaks on Fri Jan 23, 2009 8:59 pm

I am playing with the optional rule that not all Crinos are equal, and thus do not have all the same extra traits. See page 174 laws of the wild. Though you must still have the same amount.

Basically, you do not have to have Brawny 2, ferocious, quick, rugged, tireless 2, tough

The same applies for the other forms.

Say for example, my Silent Strider Ragabash Teela, could actually have these traits.

Glabro: Brawny, Robust, Tough

Crinos: Wiry 2, Ferocious, quick 2, rugged, tireless, tough (Bestial 3, Feral 3) 'the negative substitutions because her crinos is very slender and delicate looking, enough to even had her ridiculed somewhat. She looks almost beautiful, and elegant in crinos.'

Hispo: Wiry, Tireless 2, Ferocious, Lithe, Quick, Resilient, Tough

Lupus: Lithe, Quick, Resilient, Tireless, Wiry

Please post your changes, and have fun.
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